At Imagine we are a one stop shop for all things creative…

Brand Identity

Grab attention… develop loyalty… make a lasting impression…

Whether it be logo design, branding, brand identity, signage, corporate identity, trademarking, brand strategies, brand guidance… Imagine is a one stop shop for all things ‘brand’.

A recognisable brand is at the heart of every truly successful business, it will enable your customers to engage with your project/organisation.  An expertly designed brand forms the base for all of your companies internal and external communications.

For us, brand is all about interactions. As a full service creative hub, we engage with brands throughout their lifecycle: from brand strategy and brand creation, ongoing brand implementation, through to re-branding. We create business and project names, visual systems, promotional packages, launch plans, media plans, brand guidelines – we work around the client, their need and their budget.

We understand the importance of protecting your brand, which is why we provide you with as much advice, guidance and support with regard to brand protection as we can, such as Trademarking your brand identity or logo.

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Graphic Design

Keeping it real…

Imagine a way of distributing information about your services and products that requires no hardware, no software and no internet connection!

Printed communication brings a physical connection between your brand and your customer.

We believe that printed media is what all aspects of your businesses communication and marketing campaign should be based upon, with digital media, websites and social media campaigns used to support that real life, in the palm of your hand product.

Despite living and working in ‘the digital age’ print based marketing still performs a crucial role in any businesses promotional and brand strategies. It is imperative to have your digital brand working parallel to that of a strong print based marketing campaign in order to successfully develop brand awareness.

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Web Design

Web sites that work on screen and in real life…

At Imagine we keep up with the everyday online revolution – creating websites, social media design, digital applications, user managed online systems and e-commerce solutions that work for both our clients and also end-users.

The web services we offer are innovative, effective, affordable, and crucially underpinned by our understanding of your brand’s identity and your company’s aims. You will not meet only our web developer but also our brand designers, account managers and print designers so that your website benefits from the wealth of experience that sets us apart from other agencies.

We build our websites with you, your business and your customers in mind, making it easy to navigate, delivering your message clearly and effectively and providing the ability to update. Each website we develop is designed and built by our team. We do not believe in reselling templates and amending colour schemes and logos.

We have developed and updated our own powerful content management system, which enables you to edit your web site from anywhere with an internet connection securely and with no technical experience. We give the client the ability to add and amend the web site as their business grows so that as your business changes and evolves so to does your web site.

We are also experts in open source web tools such as WordPress and Joomla, call 0191 447 1016 to discuss your web needs.

Mobile Marketing

Everybody’s doing it…

Everyone and their dog seems to be on Facebook or Twitter or even have there own ‘digital app’. However, it is not enough to simply have a social media presence.

At Imagine we specialise in custom social network and mobile development. Our team designs and develops niche online communities with unique and fully customised features from initial concept to finished product.

From concept to completion, our team will work with you on branding, designing, developing and marketing your project.

We produce bespoke marketing campaigns within social media applications such as Facebook to enable you to reach out and promote your products and services across the globe.

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